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She Got Game (trailer)

Friends of Wonder : Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett (short doc)

Chanel "This Is Gabrielle"

HP "Proud Portraits"

The Future is Bright (short film)

Flin Flon (feature film)

Freixenet Cava x Vox

Everything is Copy (feature film)

Ford "Go Further"

Soojung Dreams of Fiji (short film)

What We Teach Girls : Uganda (series)

Stella Artois "Chalice Symphony"

Deporting Myself (short film)

Huffington Post "A Horse Named Ike"


Tea at the Beatrice w/ Glenn O'Brien (series)

Bonding (Short Film)

Dior "Poison Girl"

Nike "No Regrets"

I Hart Food (series)

Sony Xperia "Changes"

The Better Half (series)

The Widowers (feature film)

HTC "Re"

Conrad and The Steamplant

Prudential "Chapter Two"

Google "And You"

FIFA x Kinect

Google Glass x DvF

Honda "50 States"

Sondre Lerche "Legends"